Thursday, November 30, 2006


Little Joe

I had intended to include this picture of Little Joe (then) in my last post but it didn't upload. He was as cool then as he is now. And quite the dancer. Remember?

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Little Joe Sherrick - A True SOC HOPper

One of the first and most loyal of all SOC HOP attendees, Little Joe Sherrick was one of the very best dancers at The SOC HOP, both at the old barn and at the new club. He was one of The Silver Tones biggest fans. It only seems fitting that all of these years later, he would be the instigator, as well as the bass player, for the reinvented New Silver Tones. Joe and I shared a dream of the SOC HOP Redo - and it has finally come to pass. THANK YOU JOE.


Frank Plas - Now & Then

The years have been good to Frank. He still plays a mean guitar. The Silver Tones Rock.

Friday, November 24, 2006









It's A SOC HOP Reprise !
Mark your calendar on Friday, December 8th, 2006
For a SOC HOP PreHoliday Boogie
at The Back Door Bar & Grill
Upstairs in RC's Lounge on 135th St.
in South Kansas City

The SOC HOP Redo 2 was so much fun -
We'll be rockin' to the super sounds of
The Sensational 'Silver Tones'
Featuring Frank Plas and Little Joe Sherrick,
with special guest musicians

The band will be jammin' there is no doubt,
so bring all your friends and come on out.

Put on your best socks and your dancin' shoes,
Get ready to rock & roll to some rhythm & blues.

Don't be late - music starts at 8:00 - -
so come out early to grab a good seat,
mingle with old friends and have something great to eat.

The Silver Tones will be playing some of your favorite tunes,
There will be lots of good oldies and a few old goodies....

You Won't Want To Miss This One ! ! !

Call All Your Friends and Let Them Know,

And Please Come Out and Enjoy The Show.

Hope To See You All There ........

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Frank & Rich - The Silver Tones

What a GREAT sound these two guys still make. Can't wait til the Kansas Music Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony Jan. 13th to hear them again.

Sunday, November 19, 2006



No pictures yet, but plenty of good words about the SOC HOP Redo #2 at RC's on Friday nite.
Bill Lee, president of The Kansas Music Hall Of Fame was in attendance and had these kind words, " I had a great time at RC's in Martin City last night. Frank Plas and his new version of the Silver Tones were playing well. They were joined onstage by a friend of Frank's - whose name I missed [Norman Taylor], original Silver Tones bassist Rich Stoy, Jim Wilson of Larry Emmett & the Sliders, and the Fabulous Four's Mike Myers. Also in attendance were Mike "Soc-Hop" Weaver, the Chesmann's Steve Hodgden and Mike Willman of Eric & the Norsemen.
Frank says he and the original band are excited about the upcoming Hall of Fame inductions. It looks like he and Rich are coming for sure. Drummer Mike Weakley is going to try to make it, but Roger Calkins says his health just won't allow him to make the trip from San Francisco. - The place was packed with family, friends, and fans, so it may become a regular gig for the band. Bill "
Those kind words coming from such a knowlegeable source, speak for themselves. If you weren't there, all I can say is "Ya missed it, baby." The Silver Tones are indeed Sensational. They played about thirty-five pieces, which included 'Daddy's Home', Kansas City, Stormy Monday Blues, Fanny May, Linda Lou, Jailhouse Rock, Got My MoJo Working, Sleepwalk, Mustang Sally, and of course, their standbys Dimples, Louise, Louise and Midnight Thunder along with many other great oldies. I am still waiting on pictures to post, and will do so as soon as possible. My knees still ache, but I am already looking forward to the next session with The Sensational Silver Tones. More to come......

Saturday, November 18, 2006


SOC HOP Redo #2

No doubt about it - the house was rockin' The SOC HOP Redo #2 at RC's Lounge Back Door Bar was a real rockin' success. It was a full house to say the least. The management had to bring in more chairs. It was a standing room only house. And so many familiar faces. I had been saying 'old, familiar faces' but decided to drop the 'old' part cause so many of the ladies didn't look old at all. And I only wear glasses to read, but oh how my knees ache this morning. The Sensational Silver Tones put on quite a show. Frank, Rich, and Dennis were joined by several talented musicians. I hope to have pictures soon and will make another post of names and pictures in a few days. Thanks to all who came for this one, and to those who didn't, expect another one soon. May The Silver Tones and The SOC HOP will live forever. It was wonderful to see you all. Hope you can all come to the next one. Stay tuned.........

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Kansas Music Hall Of Fame

The Fabulous Silver Tones have been elected to be inducted to the Kansas Music Hall Of Fame on January 13th, 2007. We will be cheering for them at Liberty Hall in Lawrence come the second week of January. They Certainly Deserve It....They Are Fabulous..... It is my understanding at this time that Frank Plas, (who has, along with Little Joe Sherrick, formed The New Silver Tones and is currently playing around KC), will be perfoming at the induction ceremony along with Rich Stoy (bass). Mike Weakley (drums) has said he will come back from San Diego to participate and we are all hoping he can make it. Roger Calkins, who has lost his sight now, lives in San Fransisco, and is somewhat incapacitated and it is doubtful that he will travel back for the ceremony, though I know he will be there both in heart and in spirit. What a wonderful group of musicians these four are - - they have inspired many - and entertained even more. This is indeed a fabulous tribute to them. Nothing more to say, but "OH, HAPPY DAY ! !"

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


The SOC HOP Originators

Doris and Ed Bowers
Alice and Mike Weaver
Opened The SOC HOP in April, 1960
Many people remember them.
What fun times we all had.

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