Wednesday, March 28, 2007


A Tribute To My Dad - Mike Weaver

A tribute to my Dad ! I write this on Tuesday, March 27th, 2007 at 9:00 PM. My Dad died today. Just about four hours ago. He had just turned 84 three weeks ago. He fell down on St. Pats Day, 10 days ago and broke his neck. He also had bleeding in the brain. He was in Neuro ICU at KU Med Center. Surgery repaired the broken neck but the bleeding in the brain caused enough damage that he could not live without life support, which was removed yesterday. The immediate family had just completed a meeting with the representative from the Hospice center where Dad was to be moved within the next few hours, and we were actually leaving the hospital when the Hospice Rep caught up with us and told us that Dad had just stopped breathing. She asked if we wanted to come back up to his room to be with him. We immediately did a U-turn and were back in Dad’s room in just a minute. He was not breathing and his skin looked pale. I pulled the sheet down a little so I could see his chest and I grabbed hold of his lifeless hand, and remembered his firm handshake. He was not breathing. I saw his chest move and heard a small sigh - and then - nothing..... My brother and his wife stepped up beside me and we just stood there looking - looking for any sign - but ....nothing. Dad was dead. I held his hand. Tears came to my eyes. I felt my face smile and that didn’t seem right. But then I realized that I was happy for Dad....he was at peace now....the last ten days had been hell for him. And for the last nine years, since he had his stroke, he had fought the good fight, put on a good front, and always, no matter how gloomy things seemed, he whistled a happy tune and said, "Hey, It’s A Beautiful Day - we’re all just lucky to still be here." And that is who my father was - always the optimist - never a complainer - and eternally thankful. Dad was one who, no matter how gloomy things appeared on the surface, always saw the beauty of the day and was thankful for it...He took me many places and taught me many things. I shall truly miss him...He was more than my dad - he was my friend....

I am sorry for your loss. Your dad was such a nice person. He taught me a lot while I was at Andy Klein.

Don Morlan
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