Monday, September 10, 2007


Silver Toned History

"The Fabulous Silver Tones made history Friday night when they made their first Johnson County club performance in over 44 years.," advised Tom Jambrosic. It was, indeed, a party at Marty’s when Lil’ Joe Sherrick, Leo Castanza, and Frank Plas took the stage at Marty’s Blues Café in Merriam. After a few brief comments by Mr. Marty Cohen, the microphone was turned over to the wonderful Connie Crash, blues DJ at KKFI FM Radio and part-time bar host at Marty’s, who introduced The Silver Tones. She made note of the fact that she had just read the KC Star article about The Soc Hop and The Silver Tones, and ask Frank about the KUDL Radio hits, Midnight Thunder and Dimples, both of which we got to hear before the evening was over. I thought the guys sounded great and enjoyed hearing many of my old favorites as well as some new material they just recently worked up. Everyone seemed to be having a great time, and there were few empty seats in the house, though most of those there were the regular Silver Tones fans who usually show up at their events. I am sad to say there are a lot of people who respond to my emails saying they’ll be there, but then fail to show up (you know who you are). I guess that’s just the way it is and maybe someday the wall flowers will run out of excuses and get out of the house and have a little fun. Anyway, I think it is fun. Actually, for me, it has been a very fun year of remembering all the fun people and times that were, as Rod Clarke called it, ‘a special window of time’ in our lives. And now we are getting to experience it again - in many ways it is different now - but in many ways - it’s still the same. When out on the dance floor, the experience is the same (oh, but for some younger knees and healthier lungs). When watching Joe, or Frank, or the sticks of the drummer, the experience is the same, excepting that now their music brings back memories of the past, when before, those very memories were in the process of being made. To all of those Silver Tones fans who helped to celebrate the first year of The Silver Tones rebirth, thank you so much for joining in the fun. And for those of you who aren’t showing up, You Don’t Know What You’ve Been Missing. I hope you will all join in for a fun time on Wednesday evening for Jam Night At Marty’s Blues Café hosted by The Fabulous Silver Tones. Music starts at 7:00PM and Marty’s Menu starts whenever you get there. Come have dinner and enjoy some tunes. If you sing or play, please join the jam. And remember, the best color in music is the blues.

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