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I am still an Overland Park, KS. resident. You can mail me at P.O. Box 4202, O.P.,KS 66204.
You can email me at mjayweaver@hotmail.com or phone me at 913-205-1825.

Friday, September 28, 2007


What A Year !

Well, it's been quite a year. This has been just so much fun. Starting with the Soc Hop Reinvented at Knuckleheads on August 31st, 2006 right on through Jam Night with The Silver Tones at Marty's Blues Cafe on September 12, 2007, it has been a time I would have never dreamed possible, though over the last 40 years I have often dreamt of it. Well, it has indeed been a dream come true for me and I have greatly enjoyed my reconnection with all of those who have been involved. I have seen more old friends and made more posts to this blog than I would have imagined likely, and it has indeed been fun, and I hope to continue doing both, though I may not be able to keep up the constant pace of it all. I have recently joined the Kansas City Blues Society and hope to become an active member of this great organization which is nationally recognized for 'keeping the blues alive in KC'. Future posts here, as well as the newsletter that I email out, may include recomendations and reviews of local events other than just The Silver Tones, who will always remain dear to my heart. For a schedule of The Silver Tones play dates you can always check in at http://www.frankplas.com/ . Also, as the last few posts indicate, I have become somewhat of a regular at Marty's Blues Cafe. Marty is a great guy trying to do a great thing, and if you haven't been yet, you ought to go. The food is good and the music is always great. It's a cozy atmosphere and for me, it's close to home, which makes it really convenient. Maybe I'll see you there. The next few posts are going to be a recap of pictures of both the old and the new SOC HOP, and will include some newly found pictures of both places that I came across while sorting through my Dad's stuff. Till then....MW

Monday, September 10, 2007


Silver Toned History

"The Fabulous Silver Tones made history Friday night when they made their first Johnson County club performance in over 44 years.," advised Tom Jambrosic. It was, indeed, a party at Marty’s when Lil’ Joe Sherrick, Leo Castanza, and Frank Plas took the stage at Marty’s Blues Café in Merriam. After a few brief comments by Mr. Marty Cohen, the microphone was turned over to the wonderful Connie Crash, blues DJ at KKFI FM Radio and part-time bar host at Marty’s, who introduced The Silver Tones. She made note of the fact that she had just read the KC Star article about The Soc Hop and The Silver Tones, and ask Frank about the KUDL Radio hits, Midnight Thunder and Dimples, both of which we got to hear before the evening was over. I thought the guys sounded great and enjoyed hearing many of my old favorites as well as some new material they just recently worked up. Everyone seemed to be having a great time, and there were few empty seats in the house, though most of those there were the regular Silver Tones fans who usually show up at their events. I am sad to say there are a lot of people who respond to my emails saying they’ll be there, but then fail to show up (you know who you are). I guess that’s just the way it is and maybe someday the wall flowers will run out of excuses and get out of the house and have a little fun. Anyway, I think it is fun. Actually, for me, it has been a very fun year of remembering all the fun people and times that were, as Rod Clarke called it, ‘a special window of time’ in our lives. And now we are getting to experience it again - in many ways it is different now - but in many ways - it’s still the same. When out on the dance floor, the experience is the same (oh, but for some younger knees and healthier lungs). When watching Joe, or Frank, or the sticks of the drummer, the experience is the same, excepting that now their music brings back memories of the past, when before, those very memories were in the process of being made. To all of those Silver Tones fans who helped to celebrate the first year of The Silver Tones rebirth, thank you so much for joining in the fun. And for those of you who aren’t showing up, You Don’t Know What You’ve Been Missing. I hope you will all join in for a fun time on Wednesday evening for Jam Night At Marty’s Blues Café hosted by The Fabulous Silver Tones. Music starts at 7:00PM and Marty’s Menu starts whenever you get there. Come have dinner and enjoy some tunes. If you sing or play, please join the jam. And remember, the best color in music is the blues.

Sunday, August 26, 2007



I had asked Lil Joe Sherrick and others to comment on their experience attending last Friday evenings event: Kansas City’s Greatest Reunion Jam, which was held at the H&R Block World Headquarters building in downtown Kansas City. The event, from 6:00 - 10:00 was billed as ‘The Classmen and Friends”. The promo flier read: “Great Kansas City rock bands from the 60's and 70's will reunite and perform at the H&R Block World Headquarters. The evening will feature our own Drew Dimmel and The Classmen who recorded hit records with Julie and Graduation Goodbye, The Chesmann, the Fabulous Four, and Garry Mac and the Mac Truque. Enjoy great food, drinks, dancing and an evening of great entertainment in this spectacular new downtown venue. Parking is included in your ticket price. $75.00 per person. Proceeds benefit the Parkinson Foundation of the Heartland and the University of Kansas Medical Center's Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorder Center.” At the time the Promo was put together The Silver Tones were not listed as attending, but they were there and had a great time. Unfortunately the $75.00 per ticket was a little to steep for me, so I did not attend, however it was a Sold Out affair with a limited audience of between 500 and 700, so I was told. Lil Joe Sherrick emailed me saying, “Last evening was very memorable for all of us {who performed at the KC Reunion Jam}. To start with, we did a sound check in the afternoon, then they had a stretch limo pick up all the musicians and our spouses in groups, and took us over to Park Place Towers where they served us hors d'oeuvres, champagne, wine, or whatever we wanted, then took us back to the pavilion, to our dressing room where we rehearsed and got dressed for the evening. Frank, Steve & I dressed in black pinned-striped suits with black shirts and silver ties (thus The Silver Tones) and went on stage first. I can't remember all the songs, but we did open with John Lee Hooker's sexy Baby Lee, we also did Dimples, (Silver Tones style), then had Ron West & Alan Blascoe join us, performing Fannie Mae and then closed with Stevie Ray Vaughns’ Pride & Joy. Next to perform was Ron West's The Chessmen, followed by Mike Myers and The Fab Four, and then Danny Gregory & The Mac Truque. Danny was in top form doing some of his James Brown renditions, then closing the show was Dru & Doug Dimmel with The Classmen. We had a jam at the end doing Sly Stone's Higher. Danny's old bass player, Buddy Haney came in from Oklahoma (he can play 15 different instruments and none of us have seen him in 30 years), along with Bill Organ. Most of the original members from each group were there, and we all had a wonderful time visiting with each other before the show and between sets. Doug & Dru put all this together, and made sure we were all given VIP treatment. They did have a professional camera crew there to video tape the whole event.Wished everyone could have been there. This was a performance I will never forget.”
Ron West’s take read,
THE BANDS ALL SOUNDED GREAT, All in all the whole thing was pretty good.
Not Perfect but what the Hell is perfect. FUN is the # 1 priority . WE HAD FUN-
I think all the bands sounded damned good, so I don’t see any losers here. Old farts can still KICK butt.”

And finally Bill Lee, president of the Kansas Music Hall Of Fame, wrote, “ At last night's Reunion Jam in Kansas City, I had a chance to talk with several of the members of the Mac Truque including Garry Mac. He says they've been playing a lot of private parties and business meetings, but do get a public gig from time to time (usually at Jardine's).
Dani Gregory was in good voice and in a good mood. He seemed to be happy with the crowd. Billy Organ played drums. He was one of the two drummers from the old days, plus he played with Garry and Dani in the Roulettes before the Mac Truque. He was in the Bygones with Garry and Buddy Ross before that. The Bygones is another band that should be in the Hall of Fame.
Pat Pearce is playing keyboards with the Mac Truque these days. He also played with the Classmen last night. I kidded him about having another gig later, and he said he probably would drop by one of the clubs and sit in with another band. Three bands in one night's pretty good for anyone. Pat was a HoF inductee in January with the Blue Riddim Band. He is one busy musician”.
Sure Is A Lot Of Musical Talent Right Here In Kansas City.... So Get Out And ENJOY..

Friday, August 17, 2007


Great Kansas City Star article from Aug. 10th, 2007


KC Star

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


A Tribute To My Dad - Mike Weaver

A tribute to my Dad ! I write this on Tuesday, March 27th, 2007 at 9:00 PM. My Dad died today. Just about four hours ago. He had just turned 84 three weeks ago. He fell down on St. Pats Day, 10 days ago and broke his neck. He also had bleeding in the brain. He was in Neuro ICU at KU Med Center. Surgery repaired the broken neck but the bleeding in the brain caused enough damage that he could not live without life support, which was removed yesterday. The immediate family had just completed a meeting with the representative from the Hospice center where Dad was to be moved within the next few hours, and we were actually leaving the hospital when the Hospice Rep caught up with us and told us that Dad had just stopped breathing. She asked if we wanted to come back up to his room to be with him. We immediately did a U-turn and were back in Dad’s room in just a minute. He was not breathing and his skin looked pale. I pulled the sheet down a little so I could see his chest and I grabbed hold of his lifeless hand, and remembered his firm handshake. He was not breathing. I saw his chest move and heard a small sigh - and then - nothing..... My brother and his wife stepped up beside me and we just stood there looking - looking for any sign - but ....nothing. Dad was dead. I held his hand. Tears came to my eyes. I felt my face smile and that didn’t seem right. But then I realized that I was happy for Dad....he was at peace now....the last ten days had been hell for him. And for the last nine years, since he had his stroke, he had fought the good fight, put on a good front, and always, no matter how gloomy things seemed, he whistled a happy tune and said, "Hey, It’s A Beautiful Day - we’re all just lucky to still be here." And that is who my father was - always the optimist - never a complainer - and eternally thankful. Dad was one who, no matter how gloomy things appeared on the surface, always saw the beauty of the day and was thankful for it...He took me many places and taught me many things. I shall truly miss him...He was more than my dad - he was my friend....

Monday, March 12, 2007



Click on the picture to enlarge....This should bring back a memory or two.
Frank Plas and The Silver Tones first record, written by Frank and originally called 'Westcoast Walk' first placed on KUDL's chart in position #40 on May 31st, 1960. By July 15th, in just six short weeks, Midnight Thunder moved into position #4. Amazing for four local teenagers - look at the listings and who they were competing against. The Silver Tones beat out 'BeBopALula' by The Everly Brothers, and songs by Duane Eddy, Hank Ballard, Paul Anka, Chubby Checker, The Ventures, and a whole list of other professionals. Quite an accomplisment, I would say.......
PS. You can hear a clip of Midnight Thunder on the Music Page at frankplas.com or you can listen to the whole song by scrolling 3/4 the way thru Dan Martin's website where he has a link to it http://www.martin.mesanetworks.net/banddays.htm This is a great site with lots of info about the old days and it is actually where I first got reconnected to the SOC HOP days after Googling 'The Silver Tones'. The World Wide Web is amazing indeed......

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